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Michael Papadatos was born 21/10/1970 in Athens, Greece from hunting family. He has animals, including dogs, for almost all his life but his passion for dogs made him get involved in dog show rings at an early age in his life. Captivated by Brachycephalic Breeds he first began breeding Bulldogs under the kennel name Bullflowers. In years to come, his life was filled with many more dogs of various breeds such as Pekignese, Shih tzu, Mastino Napolitano, Dogue De Bordeaux, Pug and more. For that, he became an FCI Judge in 2005 and since then he was approved as an FCI International Judge for all breeds. He is also an A.K.C. approved judge. Ηe has been invited to judge all over Europe, Russia and Israel in major events and dog shows of utmost importance including important specialties shows. Nowadays, he breeds Pekingese, he is the General Secretary of Kennel Club of Greece and President of the Judges Commission of the Kennel Club Of Greece.

Vuoden 2025 Erikoisn

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Match Show, Tuusula

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Michael Papadatos was born 21/10/1970 in Athens, Greece from hunting ...